Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eviction Day

July 19th 2006

Well....It's been a strange day as I tried to think at different stages of the day what was happening to me two years ago. I spoke to my sister at about 11am and told her what day it was. She said at that time I was definately on the operating table with my sun roof open!

My husband rushed over and gave me a big hug and kiss at 2:15pm and said you are out of surgery now and I'm so relieved I feel I can breath again. What a day!!

I feel kind of exhilerated and excited and better go and get my glad rags on 'cos we're out on the town to celebrate tonight. I can see a nice bottle of red with my name on it!

Here's to the THIRD YEAR.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pre Operation Testing

17th July 2006 - Well I can't say that I'd ever like to go through those last few days in 2006 again. I'd been to see the Neurosurgeon and that was enlightening but the worst bit was letting my family and friends know about my diagnosis. No easy way to tell someone that you have a brain tumour is there really? Their shock matched my shock and luckily everyone remained positive for me. Thank goodness no one treated me as if I had been given a death sentence.

Good positive vibes is what you need at a time like that - so today (2 years ago) I went for pre-operation tests. You know the ones, blood pressure, xrays, ECG. I passed on 2 out of 3 and received a royal telling off for thinking I could treat myself.

It was back home on a high dose of medication to sort myself out! My guilt was incredible!

Monday, July 14, 2008

How It All Started

14/7/2006 - Having visited my doctor 2 days previously with a stange complaint I was back to see him again, not feeling ill but with a mystery complaint. That is when it all started and by the end of the day I was told I had my very own space invader.

So how do you know whether the strange things that are happening to you mean you have a brain tumour? The truth is we don't always recognise symptoms because people experience different things. Raised intracranial pressure can cause headaches, visual problems and vomiting. Mood swings and changes in behaviour are general signs of a brain tumour and many people experience epileptic fits as an early symptom. I don't think I experienced any of these but I did have something funny going on with my left leg!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Birthday

It was my birthday on 30th June and although normally this would be nothing too exciting to write home about, I am willing to share with you that it was my 50th Woo Hoo!!

Birthdays and anniversaries come and go and we either sing and shout or hide away for the day. I celebrated in the normal fashion but didn't go over board because I have an even bigger anniversary coming up next week and I really do want to sing and shout about that:

July 19th will be two years since I had my Brain Tumour Removed!

I certainly think that is worth a laugh!

Check back into my blog on Monday 14th and I'll give you a preview into my life two years ago.

Bye for now