Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Looks like something worth watching and hopefully it will generate more interest and awareness. Missed last night unfortunately but will certainly watch next week:

New weekly show from Liverpool's Walton Centre.
The series follows some of its most impressive, groundbreaking surgical stories through the stories of the patients, each of whom suffers from a different neurological condition.

"The brain is the bit that makes you, you," says neurosurgeon Andrew Brodbelt. But what happens when something goes wrong with it?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I have to say I have been a really bad blogger for the latter part of 2012. I don't know where time went.

After leaving Australia and returning to Cyprus I went through the usual routine of re-nesting at home. Completely cleaned the house from top to bottom, decided on a few new pictures, had a few things fixed and thought about redecorating. My husband called a halt at that as he thought he may have to become involved - hanging up new pictures was enough of a challenge! DIY has never been his strong point - luckily, I didn't marry him for those talents. Lol.

Christmas and New Year were quiet and very pleasant and before I knew where I was I had woken up in 2013 with a few more inches to my waist!

I feel enthusiastic and excited for my plans for this year and we have now completed and launched out new Kindle Course showing anyone who wishes to self-publish on Amazon exactly how to do it. You will see that my book is now up on Amazon for anyone with a Kindle, iPad, iPhone or eReader so head on over to Amazon and take a look.

If anyone else is interested in getting a book up in front of loads of people on the Amazon market, whether it is to help people or tell their own story take a close look at mine and my husbands course. It's real easy - I promise!

How To Create And Sell Ebooks On Kindle

Have a great New year everyone and keep well.