Saturday, October 30, 2010

Russell Watson News

Russell Watson

Hope you all saw the Russell Watson interview with Piers Morgan. It was very moving and it was great to see Russell's daughters in the audience. It is fabulous to see Russell looking so well and also to see that he is now in a new relationship. I wish him all the best for a tumor free future and lots of good wishes for the up and coming tour and new album 'La Voce'.

Russell was recently put under the microscope in a Daily Mail interview which revealed a little of his life after brain surgery:
Do You Pop Any Pills?

He has regular medication along with a hormone injection at night. His pituitary gland was damaged by the brain tumour and sufficient growth hormone and hydrcortisone are not produced.

Have you tried alternative medicine like say acupuncture?

No. This was mentioned to his endocrinologist who's reaction was to turn a pale colour and comment that this would be OK if he wanted to be dead.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Newly Diagnosed

Hi everyone

I've recently heard from Christine who has been diagnosed this year. Your journey begins here Christine and I wish you a very safe one with a very happy outcome. xx