Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life After A Meningioma Brain Tumor - 6 Years On!

Life Is Worth Living! Check out my beautiful visitors while I was living on the paradise island of Magnetic. These two and their friends visited daily and their favourite nibble was green grapes.

So I left that lovely island to return home to my lovely island of Cyprus where it is hot, hot, hot.

Having just spent a lovely 6 months living on a paradise island in Queensland I truly appreciate the sayings 'Life is for living' and 'Live life to the full because this is not a rehearsal'.

Loved it, Loved it, Love it!

Now back home in Cyprus where the sun is still shining and life is on a go slow because of the heat - suits me just fine!

Enjoy summer everyone!

If you want to read more about my experience with meningioma symptoms, diagnosis and surgery, pick my book up at:

I promise it is a light read and will hopefully offer some encouragement and calm to many of you that may have recently been diagnosed.