Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another: Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Damage Article

The debate is on once again so just to keep you up todate I will let you read for yourselves. This article is dated 21st Oct 2011 and follows a study published in the British medical Journal on 20th October.

A controversial debate I agree but as I said earlier, it still makes sense to me to use a hands free mobile or text and restrict useage to only when necessary.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brain Tumor Awareness

meningioma symptomsBrain Tumor Awareness Ribbon Mouse Pad

meningioma brain tumorBrain Tumor Awareness Ribbon Round Mouse Pad

Meningioma Symptoms Often Misdiagnosed

GP's are often criticised for not detecting the symptoms of a brain tumour at an early enough stage and people presenting with many of the related symptoms such as vision problems and headaches could be put down to several other problems and conditions.

I was very lucky and my neurosurgeon was the first to make comment that he wished more doctors were like mine and acted quickly but my symptoms included a uncontrollable twitching leg nerve which suggested to my doctor something neurological and epileptic in manner.

I'm not suggesting that only people having seizures in the clinic waiting room will be diagnosed correctly straight away and I feel that maybe many doctors are criticised unfairly when you consider that brain tumours cannot be seen and are still a fairly rare condition. If you think that out of 1000 people complaining of similar symptoms that only one or maybe 2 would have a brain tumour it must be pretty difficult to get it right straight away each time.

I think the trick here is to make yourself heard and explain exactly what you are feeling and what is happening to your body. Its no good saying I feel a little tired this week and think I may need my eyes testing again because I'm experiencing a few headaches. Help yourself by monitoring what is happening. If you are experiencing anything that is unusual for you and you are concerned about it then be persistent and insist on it being investigated.

I have said it before in earlier posts but it pays to be in tune with your own body!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meningioma Symptoms and Treatments

I was left a comment on my video yesterday: and the commentor made reference to the fact that they had seen a good video by a neurosurgeon but unfortunately did not leave us a link. I however, have one up my sleeve and although it is a long one (the video - not my sleeve) it is straight forward and very informative. Because my tumour was a meningioma I was anxious to get to the bit about them and just incase you don't have time to listen to the whole lot I thought I would summerize the innformation for you as it is of great interest:

Presented by Dr Thomas Steineke, at the Diagnosis Brain Tumor - You Are NOT AloneIII conference, 2009

Benign Brain Tumors from Al Musella on Vimeo.

The brain tumors mentioned in this video are as follows:
Benign Brain Tumours
Vestibular Schwannoma
Keyhole & Minimally invasive techniques

In Summary re Meningioma Brain Tumors
90% are grade 1 or benign
With these tumours - if they are able to take them all out - IT IS A CURE!
5-7% are atypical - ie more aggressive and can turn into a malignant tumour
3-5% are malignant

Incidence: 2 in 100,000 - instance rises with age
This figure is probably higher as many are not found until autopsy
Meningiomas are more prevalent in women

Risk Factors:
Neurofibromatosis II
History of radiation treatment
Cell phones ?? Not conclusive - use ear pieces (sensible suggestion)

Presentation - Meningioma Symptoms
Certain symptoms are associated with tumours in certain places.
Meningiomas symptoms are caused by the tumor pressing on the brain
Visual loss

If it is easily removed then you have A CURE
Unfortunately many benign tumours are in places that are not easy to get to i.e. behind the optic nerve
Observation and scans for - slow growing and small tumours
Surgery - larger tumours/symptomatic which have immediate and long term cure therefore less follow up needed
Gamma Knife - less than 3cm not near optic nerves with good long term control

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Like To Mention It, But....

Don't like to mention it yet as it is only October, however it will be upon us before we know it and it's getting earlier each year so without further ado and because, as you know I love to promote this charity that does so much good, Christmas cards - There, I've said it (Sorry!)

Brain Tumour UK Fundraising Event

Brain Tumour UK are hosting their largest fundraising gala to date in November this year and it looks like it's going to be spectacular. It's called : The Big Top Extravaganza

The venue is in central London on the 23rd of November and includes an evening of cabaret with Burlesque performers, breathtaking aerial entertainment. Truly a circus of top class entertainment, magic and comedy and a three-course dinner and dancing. This is certainly a night not to be missed if you plan on being in and around London at this time.

The proceeds of this event will fund research into paediatric brain tumours and Phil Tufnell, a leading patron for Brain Tumour UK will be in attendance together with other celebrities.

Tickets are £150 each or £1,500 for a table of 10 guests.
For more information visit:

Or call the booking hotline on 0845 4500 386