Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Positive Vibes Required

I recently received some communication from Lesly following a post and felt it appropriate to reply and send lots of good positive vibes.

Thanks for the comment Lesly. I hope you are finding a way to remain as positive as you can. I was certainly shell shocked at the beginning with an overwhelming feelings of 'Why me?' and 'How did this happen?' but I learnt a great deal about human nature and how much people around you care and are prepared to help at a time like this.

You may find it helps to write down your feelings in note form at the end of each day. This helped me to come to terms with facts, think about and face any decisions that I had to make, whether they were treatment based or emotional. It was also what brought about the E-book afterwards.

The E-book , which believe me relates a total roller coaster of emotion was actually quite difficult to write as it brought back many memories and made me revisit the fear of the situation. But, it also made me giggle and smile to recall the funny and loving moments and the biggest opportunity it presented was a huge platform to say thank you to the fabulous people around me.
Big hugs from me to you Lesly.