Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday 19th July 2013 - 7 Years Clear!

I had a really good feeling when I woke up on Friday morning last week because exactly 7 years ago on the 19th I made my way to the hospital to have my meningioma removed. I was very apprehensive and scared and lots of worries were invading my very happy life. I can report that it was accessible, it was benign, all was removed successfully and I am still here, still living my happy life thanks to the skill of my medical team. So, I woke up and decided to take the day off, read my book on the beach for a few hours, maybe buy a bottle of bubbles for dinner and celebrate in style!

I did all these things and enjoyed my day with my fabulous husband and family. Later that same evening I received a distressed email from a close friend to say that his brother had just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour but not many details at that stage. I offered my support and advised how important it was for him to stay positive for his brother and to remain calm until further details were forthcoming.

Was this my poke in the ribs to remind me to forever be grateful for how lucky I am? Was it a message to celebrate but to remain cautious? Whatever the message, I remain very thankful and always aware that there is always someone, somewhere else fighting to survive.