Friday, May 27, 2011


Just reading through a local paper here in Queensland last week and it reports that Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Australias youth and accounts for more than one third of cancer deaths in children under 10. One person dies from malignant brain cancer every eight hours in Australia!

These are alarming statistics. More awareness and funding is desparately required for further research as brain cancer research is the least funded but deadliest cancer in Australia today. A leading Neurosurgeons commented that it will take AU$50 billion over the next 30-50 years to find a cure for brain cancer but that funds are required urgently now to make an impact on reducing the alarming statistics above.

Once diagnosed, patients have just a 5% chance of surviving this extremely aggresive disease and most die within 12 months. Brain cancer remains the least understood of all cancers. Risk factors are unknown and there are no screening procedures in place.

A third of all other cancers can be prevented by us making concious lifestyle choices, for example by regular exercise, not smoking and eating balanced diets. However, brain cancer in indiscriminate and due to lack of research they do not know how to prevent it.

For more information on Brain Cancer Action Week and how to donate please visit: Brain Cancer Action Australia

Everyone Should Have A Chance!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life After Benign Meningioma Surgery

I am lucky enough to be over in OZ with my lovely husband for 6 months and we have taken an apartment on Magnetic Island, just off Townsville in Queensland.

One thing about having had a brain tumour is that it pulls you up and makes you think about what is important in life and how you should go about making the most of it. We are in the incredibly lucky position of being Internet marketers now and therefore as long as we have our laptops and can ensure an Internet connection we can continue to work from where-ever we are. I lived for 14 years in Australia in what now seems like the distant past, as so much has changed in my life and was desperate to come back for a visit, so my husband said at the end of last year that that is what we would do then - we would make it happen!

So I thought rather than some meningioma news this time I would share some of my photos of life in OZ with you because this is what life so beautiful and so worth living.

Your time is not refundable, spend it well!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brain Tumour Research

Wife & Mother goes extra mile for Brain Tumour research fundraising:

Watch the following video clip:

Monday, May 16, 2011


London Marathon runners raised a record amount of £80,000 for Brain Tumour UK. This record amount is a big boost to their efforts to help people affected by brain tumours.

Brain Tumour UK is the leading, caring charity committed to fighting brain tumours. Personalised support is available online, on the phone, by email and through friendly support groups. Their scientific research improves the quality of life for brain tumour patients and identifies better brain tumour treatments. They raise awareness to change things for the better for everyone affected by a brain tumour.

For more information:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

RIP Seve Ballesteros

The death of Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros on Saturday, 7 May 2011, of an aggressive brain tumour has focused the world’s attention on an illness suffered by many ordinary people in the world. Survival rates for malignant brain tumours are still low, with around one in ten adults surviving for more than ten years.

- Born April 9 1957, Pedrena, Spain -
Seve left his footprint on the sporting world on golf.
There will never be another golfer quite like Seve Ballesteros.
Perhaps no other sportsman quite like him either.
- 7th May 2011, Dies at home in northern Spain at the age of 54
due to respiratory failure.

A sad day and my condolences to the family. A brave battle was
fought. Rest in Peace Seve - You will be missed by many.

Continued research is vital to improving the lives of people diagnosed with brain tumours.