Friday, November 7, 2008

Gene Link Found - Brain Tumour Research

Research published in the latest edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reveals that a mutation has been discovered in a DNA repair gene which may increase the risk of developing the rare type of brain tumour called Meningioma.

More than 7,500 people are diagnosed with malignant or benign brain tumours in the UK each year. Meninigiomas account for over 30 per cent of these, yet little is known about the cause of the disease which tends to affect older people, and women. It is reported that the mutation found in the DNA repair gene may account for 16 per cent of meningiomas.

The new study examined genetic differences in the brains of people from four European countries. Data from patients with meningiomas was compared with healthy individuals and a new region associated with meningioma risk has been identified.

This research into gene changes offers progress towards early non-invasive diagnosis of the disease as opposed to the present situation where biopsy is the only true diagnosis.

Interesting results. Well done Cancer Research UK. Take a bow and keep up the good work.