Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum (29/9/31 - 30/9/84)

Today I remember my Mum. The best Mum in the world, obviously!
My Mum died far too early in her life, aged 53. It always serves as a reminder to me to live life as if tomorrow was your last day, make the most of what you have and be grateful, don't sweat the small stuff, be true to yourself and try to make a difference in someone elses life.

Meningioma Facts

Meningioma Tumours are fairly rare and account for 30% of diagnosed tumours in the UK each year.
90% of meningiomas are benign, 6% are atypical, and 2% are malignant.
The word benign is misleading in this case as, when benign tumours grow and constrict the brain, they can cause disability and even be life threatening.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brain Tumours and Driving Regulations

Found some very interesting stuff recently which could be very important to some of you. I'm sharing this info because nobody mentioned it to me at all.

I have found that there are strict rules laid down by the DVLA (Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Assoc.) regarding epilectic fits and Brain Tumours. Now, bear in mind that the hospital will not contact the DVLA, but it is your responsibility to do so and your doctor will advise you how to go about this.

If you have had an epileptic fit, the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Association will not allow you to drive for a year after your last fit and this period of time may be increased depending on your own circumstances and medical assessments.

If you have a benign meningioma (which is what this particular blog concentrates on) and have not had any seizures, the DVLA requires that you do not drive for at least six months after surgery. No-one made me aware of this and I'm not sure if I was supposed to know this sort of thing and whether it would have affected my insurance - but I didn't and I did drive. So this is why I am telling you, just in case :D)

If your occupation involves driving vehicles, such as a LGV (large goods vehicle) or a PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) you will not be able to drive for at least five years after surgery. If you have had any seizures you will not be able to drive this type of vehicle until 10 years after your last fit.

I'm not sure in the circumstances that you would feel it appropriate to take the risk anyway but in some instances you may require a medical assessment before your driving licence is renewed.