Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meningioma Symptoms Often Misdiagnosed

GP's are often criticised for not detecting the symptoms of a brain tumour at an early enough stage and people presenting with many of the related symptoms such as vision problems and headaches could be put down to several other problems and conditions.

I was very lucky and my neurosurgeon was the first to make comment that he wished more doctors were like mine and acted quickly but my symptoms included a uncontrollable twitching leg nerve which suggested to my doctor something neurological and epileptic in manner.

I'm not suggesting that only people having seizures in the clinic waiting room will be diagnosed correctly straight away and I feel that maybe many doctors are criticised unfairly when you consider that brain tumours cannot be seen and are still a fairly rare condition. If you think that out of 1000 people complaining of similar symptoms that only one or maybe 2 would have a brain tumour it must be pretty difficult to get it right straight away each time.

I think the trick here is to make yourself heard and explain exactly what you are feeling and what is happening to your body. Its no good saying I feel a little tired this week and think I may need my eyes testing again because I'm experiencing a few headaches. Help yourself by monitoring what is happening. If you are experiencing anything that is unusual for you and you are concerned about it then be persistent and insist on it being investigated.

I have said it before in earlier posts but it pays to be in tune with your own body!

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