Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi Everyone - Not Been Here For A While

Hi Again

I can only be held up as an example of someone that is enjoying life so much that I honestly haven't had a great deal of time to come back and update this blog. However, a few things have occurred recently that have made me check back and add a few notes.

#1. It will be my 4 year anniversary on the 19th of this month and although everything is brilliant in my life I feel for my own peace of mind it is time for another MRI just to make sure. I know I am paranoid and everybody tells me that this is unnecessary but just to quell the niggle and the occasional throb in my head I will make my appointment next week.

The thought of this always makes me teary and to be honest quite scared. I will welcome with great glee being told all in clear but what if the demon is back?

#2. I learnt with sorrow this month that a male friend who lived in the same village as me in Cornwall over 10 years ago had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Unfortunately I do not have the full facts as to what type of tumour he has or where it is located but he has recently had surgery and the outcome is not fabulous. They have only been able to remove a third of it and he has been told it is an aggressive strain. This left me very sad for my friend and also pondering whether there could be any chance of an environmental correlation. He has always lived in this village as far as I know but I only lived there for about 8 years. So if anyone has any comments on this possibility I would love to hear about it.

#3. And, last but not least, my beautifully cool God-daughter Sarah has some GCSE coursework to complete and guess what her subject is? Brain Tumours and the possible link to mobile phones! So Sarah, my lovely take a look at the entry in older posts under Sat June 28th 2008 at the time there was great discussion on the subject. You might also be interested in reading older post: Nov 7th 2008 but there should be plenty of stuff on the blog to help you out. And, don't forget you said you would let me have any info you have on the Cornwall situation. Love and kisses - Auntie Lynda x

I will be back within the next two weeks to let you all know the outcome of my MRI and in the meantime stay well and happy everyone.

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