Monday, July 19, 2010

4th Anniversary Today!

Well I'm still here and feeling great. 4 years ago today I was under the knife and my whole life (not to mention the lives of all around me) was in complete tumoil.

I think that at the time of writing I was just coming round in a whoosy state not quite sure if I was going to be the same person. Well, I actually don't think I am exactly the same person as I was. The whole experience changed my perspective on life, made me think about what is important and what's not but most of all made me really appreciate all that is around me and the people who are in it. Don't believe I don't sometimes lose my cool because it would be crass of me not make you believe otherwise but I do certainly think I have mellowed and try to follow the old cliche of 'living life to the full'.

It's now time for me to raise a glass to celebrate another year of good health and wish all of you that may be fighting a harder battle than was mine all my best wishes.

Bottoms up!

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