Friday, October 24, 2008


Good Luck Seve - my thoughts are with you and I hope for you a speedy recovery to good health.

Seve Ballesteros (Spanish professional golfer and former World No. 1) has this month been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour classified as an 'oligoastrocytoma'. A tumour type that affects cells that cover and protect the nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord. Most oligodendrogliomas occur in adults ages 50-60 and are found more often in men than women.

Type: An oligoastrocytoma is a type of mixed glioma
Symptoms: May include headaches, speech, motor or behavioural changes and seizures.
Treatment: Removal of as much as the tumour as is possible with follow up treatment that may include chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Seve will undergo another operation today to relieve pressure caused by swelling and a recent hematoma. They also hope to remove further tumour remains.

I wish you good fortune in what will no doubt be the most difficult match of your life. Be strong and stay positive.


smashedpea said...

Hi there,

I'm actually commenting on your post from August 26, but I wasn't sure you were going to see it all the way down there :)

I'm still new to the whole meningioma thing (had mine taken out August 26) and haven't even yet seen my surgeon since he cancelled last Monday's appointment...

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how come you needed to have an MRI a couple of years after they originally found your tumour? My neurosurgeon told me at my initial assessment that there was nothing to worry about once they got the thing out and determined whether or not it was benign (and I was lucky, it's all out and it was benign, though he now wants me to have an MRI before re-scheduling my first follow up appointment with him).

Is this an on-going thing, having check-ups I mean?

Anything you know would be helpful, though I realize that my neurosurgeon may do things differently from your's. I guess I just feel left out in the cold since I haven't had the chance to talk to him and ask him all those questions....

Anyway, congrats on having a clean MRI! That must be a great feeling!

Lynda said...

Hi 'smashedpea'

Thanks for the comment. I hope you don't mind but I felt it was worth actually answering your comment where people would see it properly because it would appear that it is a confusing issue. So please see todays post and read my post for August 15th.

I'm happy to help in anyway I can so please feel free to ask questions. Another MRI is only daunting because of the fear of finding something else and if it is clear it is exhilerating I can assure you. If it isn't clear? You can deal with it. You have jumped the hurdle once - put your running shoes on and go for it. Good luck and keep me up todate. Regards Lyn
I can be contacted by email on if you want any private answers.