Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi everyone

I have had a comment on my blog entry for yesterday. It is a question relating to the post from 26th August, regarding why I felt it necessary to have a follow up MRI exam. First may I say CONGRATS to 'smashedpea' for tomorrow - 2 months since removal. I hope you are feeling well.

Have a look at my post for August 15th for my reasons for a repeat MRI. You being told that you do not need another actually makes me feel more confident as I was told the same, but if you read my Ebook, you will see that I have a very active imagination and for some reason feel I know better than anyone else.

My surgeon didn't even feel it was necessary for follow up appointments after I went home unless I felt it was necessary. He gave me his phone number and said I could contact him anytime, so I did a year later when I took him a bottle of bubbly and he was most surprised to see me.

So I suppose the answer to the question is that I didn't need to have another MRI - I chose to have one due to an insecurity thing I suppose. Maybe your surgeon just wants to prove to you that it is all gone and that you can now get on and enjoy your life. It did make me feel better and I will now leave well alone.


smashedpea said...

Hi Lyn,

thanks for your answer below and here! I knew that digging around the internet might lead to some confusion and I'm trying hard to go with the reassuring stuff the docs said, but still... The whole thing is still very unnerving for me.

The neurologist who made my diagnosis actually begged me to stay away from the internet on this, but hey, now that I'm feeling so much better, I do want to know :)

And I'm actually looking forward to this MRI - they told us the tumour was all gone, but I'd much rather see for myself (or have them see, since I'm not exactly an expert on this).

And I'm still worried about swelling in the brain. I assume it's gone, but I landed in the emergency room a few days after surgery, had a CT scan there which showed my brain was still very swollen - so much so that they upped my dose of the steroid I was on. So, I just want some sort of proof that things are really back to normal.

Lynda said...

Hi 'Smashedpea'
The internet can be a very scary place when looking for info. I found it very hard to find forums with positive attitude and that is why I ended up writing the Ebook to give a balanced perspective.

I am sure all will go well for you on the follow up, especially if you feel well now, and another MRI is a good idea if only to boost confidence.