Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Bit Of Brain Tumor Research News

This year there have been a few items in the news worthy of note. This one did not, in my opinion, receive enough coverage:

The International Journal of Cancer, which is published online, reported on a study undertaken in Finland. This study backs up another research report into the increased risk of developing a brain tumour for many regular cell phone users.

The study firmly correlates phone usage with an increased risk of developing a brain tumour called a Glioma and it reported that the risk of developing this brain tumour rose 40 - 270 percent on the side of the head preferred by modern cell phone users who have used their phones for more than 2000 hours in their lifetime.

Now that fact alone will scare many people out there. Many of us have anxiety attacks if we suddenly realise we have left the phone at home and business' rely heavily on this form of contact. The interesting thing is though that the study shows that the risk was highest among people under the age of twenty.

We are cautioned by other scientists that this does not mean that as soon as you reach ten years of cell phone usage you will have an immediate tumour but there is a high risk of this showing up at a later date.

As is always the case where money is involved, the mobile phone manufacturers proclaim that their phones are safe having funded their own research, which is open to interpretation.

Personally, I feel that I will definately take a closer look at my phone usage and where possible make use of hand free options. Surely it makes sense? And parents should have some cause for concern about their children and teenagers. If it's not really necessary, why have one? Make it emergency use only! This decade, it's very grown up and cool to have your own mobile phone - I hope it doesn't become a regular trend to be comparing brain tumour damage!

This is not hearsay, this is the second study of its type and it firmly correlates cell phone usage with an increased risk of developing certain brain tumors.

Consider your options.
Regards, Lynda

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