Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Look Out For Brain Tumour Symptoms!

I would welcome any comments on a recent post that was reported in the Huffington Post, UK, in January.

The article was about a 18 year old student who was suffering incredible migraines which were so debilitating that she was experiencing problems with her mobility functions i.e. she was having a problems walking and cutting up food.

The migraines became so severe on several occasions that she attended her local hospital only to be told that her headaches were probably the result of study stress, partying too hard or simply being homesick!

After 2 months of repeated visits and increasing problems a golf ball sized tumour was discovered and this female student was finally diagnosed with medulloblastoma - a malignant primary brain tumour.

This young lady had emergency surgery, followed by chemo and radiotherapy. She knew something was very wrong with her body but was having a devil of a time convincing others because of her presumed lifestyle.

Interestingly, the Teenage Cancer Trust also recently revealed stats showing that a quarter of young people who visited GPs with un-diagnosed cancer had to return four times or more before their symptoms were taken seriously.

The Trust's researchers said their findings highlight "the serious issue of delayed diagnosis" in the age group.

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