Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Is Brain Tumour Awareness Month!

Brain Tumour UK is the leading, caring charity committed to fighting brain tumours. They raise awareness to change things for the better, for everyone affected by a brain tumour.

Personalised support is available online, by email, on the phone and through support groups. They are also involved in scientific research to improve the quality of life for brain tumour patients and identify better treatments.

This is where I send donations to from the proceeds of my EBook 'My Brain Tumour'

If interested, please take the time to visit this very informative site for further information about Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

Are you aware? March is Brain Tumour Awareness Month so spread the word and direct people to this website so everyone can get involved.

Lobby your MP: Join Brain Tumour UK, other charities, patients, carers and healthcare professionals on 29 March at Westminster to present the manifesto for people affected by brain tumours to your MP and join them for a reception at Church House, Westminster. Email them on for more information.

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